Okay okay okay…so it’s not just a fashion photography studio. I like to think of it as more so much more. It’s a safe space, it’s a big space, a gorgeous space. This fashion studio is located in the heart of the West Loop which is only steps away from Fulton Market Kitchen. Located on the top floor of the building, the view is nice with access to a rooftop. Every angle is great for a photoshoot because the independent bays inside the space help to create different scenes. Dark walls, light walls, and brick walls.

Nomee Photography Chicago West Loop Studio

Nomee Photography Studio

The windows wrap around the space. The light comes in from the east and the afternoon provides such soft lighting so it’s my favorite time to shoot. With winter, the evenings and darkness come early but luckily as a fashion and portrait photographer, I have studio lighting with different types: constant lights, strobes, hot shoe flashes. Then come the modifiers: round, square, deep shallow, small and large, thin, and long. All of it helps create some of the imagery you can find in my studio work.

With a studio, this size, there is plenty of storage to keep the clutter out of sight, mostly. Desk space, meeting space, and an open concept keeps it organized. There’s a clothing rack with skirts for dancers and a wardrobe for models to play with. I keep a dress form now to display one of my favorite pieces. I intend to change it often.

At the end of a night, I always look back at the space and compare it to the chaos of the day. It’s always quiet (with the music off now), it’s always pretty, and it’s always waiting for the next day.