If you’ve read my About Me page you’ll see that I’m a Chicago fashion photographer, but that’s a very small snippet of who I am and how I got to where I am now. Photography, like many others, was just a hobby. Although, very briefly.

Nomee Chicago Fashion Photographer shooting a wedding

Owner – Nomee Photography


After being invited to photograph some events for friends I quickly realized I loved shooting. Events were fun, but portraits became a big focus of my work. Then, I met a dancer, Paige Fraser, a Princess Grace Foundation Award Winner (you’ll see much more of her throughout my posts and in my photos). After working with Paige, it opened a new genre of photography for me, DANCE. I’ve met and worked with many Chicago based dancers. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel and meet/photograph them all over the U.S. I even went to Cuba and photographed a dancer in Old Havana.

Creating photos of dancers made it an easy stepping stone to add fashion to my work. With dancers needing special looks for promotional material and a consistent presence on social medial, I was finally able to push and photograph editorials, commercial work, and portfolios for models. There’s always growth and with that growth some confidence.

With the confidence to take good photos that appeal to clients and can also be sold, I decided to get a studio space. It’s never an easy decision to invest more in the business, but there was nothing to lose. The studio is in a great location in the Fulton Market area. Such a beautiful vintage building with old creaky uneven wooden floors. It has so much character! I can’t wait to share the photos so you can get a glimpse of my current muse. I also can’t wait to keep sharing my work and random tidbits of my life, travels, purchases, and struggles in this very unique world of Fashion Photography and the ability to call myself a Chicago Fashion Photographer.